Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Frugal Granddaughter

Today's Frugal Friday post is a bit different. I like to find the best deals for the least amount of money. I do not get junk because it is cheap, but rather look for the good at a bargain. I try to save money in any way I can, yet not be a scrooge or anything.

I babysit my granddaughter and today I took her to Walmart. She is a year old and one of the things I was going to get was her birthday present. I had been looking for a rocking horse but have not been able to find one.

In Walmart we looked at the rocking horse there and it was almost $30 for this small, plastic rockered thing that had a furry fabric covering for the horse. She grabbed it and was hugging and kissing the horse. I told her we were not getting it and that was fine with her. She is so good to shop with!

We walked up and down a few isles looking. I kept showing her things and then telling her we need to put it back and look at something else. I do this in the stores with her hoping that she will not get to be a beggar, but rather enjoy it for the moment and then let it go back. She was fine with this routine through the isles until we came to a xylophone type toy. She smiled so big and played it, she held it tight. I told her it was time to put it back and look at something else and she let me have it, looked at another toy, handed the other toy back and then pointed to the xylophone! She did this all the way down that isle.

Two isles over she was still asking to go back, so I did and she wanted to see it again.

I eventually stuck it in my cart and that is what she is getting for her birthday. A kid connection xylophone! All the expensive toys and she picks one that was cheap and fun. I guess I am doing my part in influencing her!

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Anonymous said...

Great job Grandma! :-D