Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet and Greet

Today is Meet and Greet Monday at The Natural Mommy and I wanted to participate with my husband. No, he is not participating knowingly, but I want people to meet him.

This was Rick the first time I met him. I went down to Jessica's in TN and he came in from TX. (OK, yes we met online!) Rick and I had talked for some time, and things seemed to be going well, but I was so nervous. Isn't he a hunk!

This was our wedding, January 8, 2005. He planned it with my kids and surprised me. I know this might not go over with most people, but with him from Texas, me from, hmm not sure where to say I am from, I guess like the commercial I am from NewPaInJerPaMeInMePaTN or something like that, but I claim ME since most of my kids are there.

His kids could not get to ME, my mom and siblings in the NJ,NY,PA and MO areas and his whole family in TX and we could not find another time for my kids to all be together. So our Christmas together as a family ended up with a surprise wedding at my daughter's home.

I know I am not smiling, but I was happy, outside of wishing he had his kids here too. He assured me he had talked to them all and it was ok with them since we would be living in Texas.

Rick, the proud grampa. When he married me he automatically became grampa to 11 grandchildren. He was so proud of that fact. However in the almost three years since we married we have added six more! Here is is with Carlie when her mom and dad showed up at Rick's work. I think I might me in trouble when he sees this picture! He was working hard and so he looks a bit like , ahhhh, like he was physically working hard.

Here is Rick as a proud step father of the bride.

I hope you enjoyed my husband. I love him to bits and am very proud of him.

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Jes said...

boy, looks like in the 3 years he has been married to you he has gotten a few gray hairs. is that from wisdom or stress? :) I love you mommy.

Marie said...

Wow, I didn't realize how TALL he was until I saw the last picture. Unless everyone else is just really short. :P

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Haha to Jes's comment. I'm glad you introduced us. Hi, Rick! You guys (yep, I'm a midwesterner) make such a cute couple!

Peggie said...

Thanks Beth. He is a gem. Marie, he is only about 6 foot, I guess we are all shorties. I think if you look you can see he is uphill from us though!