Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free interior decorator

Last week I became aware of something I used to do to save money. There are many college programs that have a portfolio needed, hours of practice or student "training". I used to go to a Vocation-Tech school and get my hair cut. Sometimes it was free, other times only a few dollars. I offered to be one of the girls training "dummy". My hair grows fast and if she messed up while learning it would be hidden. When she needed to cut a hair for a new technique, she called me. Those were free times. If she needed a certain age child I had one of the younger ones. A man? my husband was there. We had 4 kids at the time and this really saved.

Dental schools, beauty schools, landscaping schools all need their Portfolios and practicum.

A week ago someone on a local yahoo group asked for people who would be willing to have someone come in their home as an interior decorator. I jumped on it! I have been upset with my home and trying to make it look nice.

Today we got together to talk about what we need to do. I know it will be a problem trying to decide what to get rid of, my husband and I both collect things and have sentimental things, but I know in the end this will be better.

Melissa is going through my home and we are decluttering and redecorating. I am very excited and the only cost to me is a bit of paint. She is offering her services for free as long as she can take before and after pictures.

Check into any tech schools or colleges and see what is available. You may get a professional for free.

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Amy said...

Great tip! Thanks!