Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Amazing Woman

There are so many people out there that feel they can't make it. Life has brought them things that they feel they can't overcome. Maybe choices they have made have put them in the situation and now they feel like "woe is me". We all have times like that, but I am talking about the many people who are out there in the world that are able to work or do things and claim they can't.

I have seen some people with a leg missing and they are crying the blues over being disabled and wanting to sit around because they "can't do anything".

Some time ago I lived in a small community where there were many able bodied people collecting welfare and sitting around all day crying because the government is not caring for them right. (Not to mention they were selling drugs by night, right across the street from me and under the street light at that!)

Today a video came my way about someone who was more disabled than many people, yet does not give up. I wanted to share this with you and maybe it will encourage you like it did me. We face things, but not many of us face what she faces every day.