Monday, March 10, 2008

It is Finally Here

Remember the Bloggy Giveaway? Well it seems like ages ago to me. You see I won the 5 minutes for mom giveaway. It was a Kodak camera plus $50 gift card from Kodak gallery.

I have been so excited!! When I found I won I watched my mail. And watched it. And watched it.

No package.


Believe it or not, when I tried for that prize I was not being greedy. I wanted the gift card as I have a lot of photos I want prints of. I would have liked the camera, but I was not going for the grand prize, just the smaller prize. So why was I having to wait so long?

I guess I needed to learn some patience. God must have thought so anyway, I think I had all the patience I needed. Now, where was MY camera?

Kodak sent me an email that I should have it by the end of the week. Yipee!!! I watched my mail like a hawk. Was the end of the week ever going to get here?

Well, the end of the week came, but not the camera.

My camera and precious gift card were lost in the mail. Several weeks later I finally got my camera. Kodak sent out another one and it came last Friday. I grabbed the box, kissed the Fed Ex guy and opened my box. WOW, there was my gift card, and camera.

My weekend was so busy I did not have time to play with it at all, but last night pulled it out and took a picture.
My husband will not be too happy about me sticking this in here, but here it is. He was sitting at his computer and I pulled the camera out and had to try it. I need to learn to get the lighting right and get my programs into my new computer so I can edit the photo's, but that will come.

I guess this means I have enough patience now, so do not need any more lessons, right Lord?

Anyway, Thank you Kodak and 5 Minutes for mom for this gift.