Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting Cheap Prints- HELP!

I wish Crystal would run a backwards Frugal Friday like Shannon has backward Works for Me Wednesday once a month. So, for today I am making my own backwards day and asking your help.

I am trying to make some memory books and use some pictures I have. However, I need to make a lot of photos. I also need to make copies of photo's for my wall that I am making into a family wall.

When getting the prints I need in the amount I need I need to do it as frugally (CHEAP) as possible, yet with quality that is not going to fade like some do it yourself inks do.

I won the 5 minutes for mom bloggy giveaway of a camera and $50 to spend in Kodak gallery which will help a lot, but I still need more. Can anyone recommend places that do a good job, are reasonable and do not make up the difference in the photo cost by charging a lot for shipping?

Thanks so much!

Now, for some ideas for being frugal, go to Biblical Womanhood!


Monica said...

The only help I can think of is to use CVS if you have one close by. Use their "pick up in a few days" prints option. These prints cost 15 cents each at my store. Then use any store coupons that you may have like the recent $5 off $15 that is out. Hope this helps, I know it can be a big expense:)