Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Give me back my cookies and firefox!

I am so thankful for a borrowed computer, but I sure am missing mine. This one uses Internet Explorer, mine has Firefox. I find the difference in the browsers to be a big pain, I love my firefox.

My spellchecker on blogger is not working and firefox has one built in, so I know I have two, now I have none.

Don't you hate it when something comes along and rocks your boat? I do. I have learned though, that when we trust the Lord, He has a purpose and will use it for our good. How He is going to use me losing all of this I do not know, but He will. I am trying to learn what I can from the struggles and move on.

My posting may be patchy, my email is a mess, I have no idea how to pay my bills since my sites were all bookmarked, and I have lost some "cookies" that let me into sites. But, as my husband's favorite saying goes "It'll be alright".