Sunday, February 10, 2008

I have really lost it now

Sometimes we all feel like we have "lost it". Things just make our brain swim and we can't seem to figure out what we are doing or what we did with something.

Well, I know where I had it, know what I was doing with it, but I have lost it. Lost it all apparently. Gone. Kaput. Outta here.

Yesterday my APC backup started ringing. Not beeping, but one constant long beep. It was driving me crazy. Then I was using the bread maker and that was beeping now and then. Then, something else started beeping and I still can't figure out what that was.

By now my ears were ringing on their own!

I went out of the house and figured I would buy a surge protector for the computer. After all, the battery for my backup was about $50 and the thing is 6 years old and will not work right with my XP anyway.

Came home, turned off the computer and plugged everything into the surge protector.

Turned on computer. At that point I knew I lost it. Everything! My computer would not boot.

Tried again.

Tried with the boot disk.


Tried again.

Nothing, just a blue screen of death staring at me.

All my pictures. Gone.

All my blog info and research. Gone.

My family cookbook. My working on another project. Gone.

My Biblical Womanhood ebooks. Gone.

My emails, my email addresses. My affiliate passwords. My brain.

Yup, all gone!

I have lost it.