Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is on your refrigerator?

Heart at home is hosting a what is on your refrigerator meme and has tagged me to be a part. I decided to play along , again, to a meme.

First, let me tell you my refrigerator gets rearranged by a 14 month old on a daily, actually more like a minute by minute basis. So here goes:

I have magnetic numbers, letters, fish and birds as well as just plain magnets.There is my memo pad for my shopping list, several pictures of grand kids, my CASA boy and Moose (I love moose and lived in Maine, so it is a part of me I have on the frig.

The dish towel is a hand towel to save on paper towels and I also have two friends that I pray for and want to be reminded.
Now, what is on YOUR refrigerator?? Hop over to Heart At Home and join the fun!


Robin @ Heart at Home said...

Forgot to mention tis in the meme rules:

If your refrigerator gets rearranged by a 14 month old daily you must post a slide show showing the fridge evolution. :)

Thanks for joining.

Peggie said...

Funny thing is she was rearranging while I was trying to take the picture!

Angela said...

I miss those refrigerator magnets!! (Though when we moved they were everywhere that light hadn't touched in a while..LOL)