Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside... and inside!

I do not know what they are talking about with "global warming" because it sure is cold outside!

On January 7th I left Texas for Maine with a stop in NC. It was warm the day I left, was warm in NC and was freezing rain in ME. On the day I left ME it was snowing, many flights were canceled and I was concerned about getting home. I wanted to get back to my warm home.

Well, I got back, but it has not been warm since. For our area of Texas this is way too cold.

Our home is heated with propane and is a double wide mobile home that has the space underneath. Even though we have it (mostly) skirted the floor gets cold in places. Heat does not make it to our bedroom very well, and that is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, since the air conditioner runs through the furnace and it is at the far end of the home.

Propane is not cheap, never has been but it is even worse to use now. Up north, we could use K-1 or oil. Not here. So, I am finding myself trying to find ways to stay warm and not use much propane. I am going to share what I am finding, some I have tried and some I have not implemented yet. I want you to please give me any other ideas you may have.

  1. The floor is cold, so I wear several pairs of socks and put a few pairs in my granddaughter as well.
  2. I keep the heat at about 65, but with the dampness these last few days it feels colder, so I have blankets laying around on the couch, chairs etc.
  3. I block the windows with drapes and keep them closed. I still do not have any for some of the windows.
  4. The sun comes in the back, if it ever comes back out, and I let the sun in, then close the drapes when it moves to the other side of the house.
  5. Bake stuff, this helps warm and uses the propane for something besides the heat.
  6. a small electric heater is in the bathroom and is used for showers etc.
  7. Lots of blankets on the bed!
Now, can anyone who uses propane to heat give me any more ideas?

For more frugal ideas go to Biblical Womanhood and check out the posts!


Beckie said...

Ha! That's why you shouldn't brag about the 80 degree weather to us Mainers in JANUARY!! However I will gladly trade heating bill with you if you want. K-1 is currently $3.69 a gallon and we use at least a 100 galons a month in our mobile home that is not double wide.

Us Mainers recomend wool socks and slippers to keep tootsies toasty. And fleece sweatshirts. Soup and lot's of it to keep the insides warm. Long underware for the legs. We have plenty, here in Maine to share with the poor people of Texas feeling chilly.

Just thought You'd like to know it was 1 degree at 7:30 this morning when I took the boys to school.

Peggie said...

Oh Beckie! I know, and am thankful it is not 1 degree. I am doing the sock thing and the sweatshirt too. Long underwear are hard to find here, and we need them so rarely it is hardly worth the money or the space to have them. I think what gets me is the cost of the propane, it just does not burn like other fuels. My K-1 monitor up there used so little fuel and heated the whole place. Here they do not even know what a monitor is.

This will pass, but , really, cold? freezing rain? here? not usual at all. Next time do not send it back with me!

BarbaraLee said...

Here in MN we get pretty cold too. We bought a 30 yr. old home and are doing some up keeps on it. We like this stuff called insalution. If you have the pink foam type it would be easy for you to cut and stick under the trailer. Put it between the floor boards or something. Your hubby will know what to do. Buy a piece or 2 at a time and just put it in when you can. It is really a heat saver. And there is always the insalution in a spray can to get the tight spots around the cracks were wind like to sneak through. But be careful. The stuff is hard to work with.