Thursday, January 31, 2008

Frugal by default

WOW! what a week this has been for all of us trying to win prizes on the bloggygiveaway. If you have not been there yet you better hurry! It took me days to get through all the almost 900 entries, and that was skipping some that did not sound like something I was interested in.

For me this was a frugal week. Not just because I was sitting here going through the giveaways and trying for free things. Like most people I can't be in two places at once, so sitting her kept me from thinking about what I "needed" from the store, or getting a drink or a snack. Saved me food, gas, money and drink. How much more frugal can you get? Anyone else want to sponsor a giveaway this week?

This did get me thinking though. If we find things to keep us busy we will not be spending the time to spend money we do not need to or eating when we do not need it. When I run to the store for a need I will often pass a want on the way to the need, this week I did not take the time, I got the need, no time for the want. Usually I take a list and get what is on it, but as I am doing this I am passing things I "forgot" to put on the list. You know, things like ice cream or maybe bacon etc.

My frugal idea for this week is to make a list and stick to it. Keep busy so what is in the pantry or frig do not haunt you. It sure helped me this week.

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Sonshine said...

Oh this is sooo true! Thanks for the reminder. :)

Mom2fur said...

I'm frugal both by necessity and by default. My default is that I hate, detest, and despise driving. I will use any excuse I can not to get in my car. I'd rather stay home and blog, sew, crochet or cook! That saves gas money, at least! makes me look and see what is in the house that I can use for dinner. I've been doing couponing and stockpiling for a few years now, so I can almost always put a meal together.
I do go out to work, and I do shop locally, even if it is just once every few days. I'm afraid if I don't...I'll end up being some kind of agoraphobic.
Shopping with a list is really smart, and shopping according to a menu you've planned is smart, too. I went to Pathmark this morning and saved $85...stuck to my list, so I was in and out pretty fast and not just 'wandering aimlessly.'