Saturday, January 5, 2008

So Much to Do So Little Time

It is Saturday, I leave Monday to go see the kids in NC and ME. I am so excited, I have so much to do to be ready and here I am doing my blog!

If you do not hear much from me over this next week it is because I will be away until the 14th. I will have some computer access, but will probably be too busy enjoying my family to write. Believe me, when I get back I will have stories and pictures.. oh yeah, as long as I remember to pack the camera!

This trip will be different than the others. I only have one week to see everybody, well the kids and grand kids, that are not in Texas. I will be spending from Monday till Thursday morning in NC with Jessica, Beauty from Chaos writer, and mama to Lexi. Then I will go to ME to see the family there.
My husband is on the left in this picture, but the rest are grand kids from ME. (The date is wrong, it was taken in August 2007) And, to answer you before you ask, no this is not all of the grand kids, there are two grown ones that are in ME but not in the picture and then 3 more here in Texas with a 4th due in March.

Blessed is the man with his quiver full! We are so blessed.