Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am home! I wondered if I was going to make it.

First, I want to let those that commented to me over this last week I will be getting to some of you. I am late since I was not home.

After spending a wonderful week with my family in NC and ME the day came for me to depart Maine. I was worn as I love the kids, but love my husband the kids here in Texas. Since I was feeling homesick for my husband I was looking forward to getting back to him and out of the cold and snowy northeast.

Monday morning we woke up to this!

I had lived in the snow all my life, until a little over three years ago. I remember when it started to get to the end of summer in 2004 I found myself really dreading another winter. All my life I had snow, yet here I was thinking I can't handle another snowy winter. Why? I did not know then, but I knew that this feeling was strong. I met Rick shortly after and we married and I moved to central Texas. No snow! I love being able to say "I am going to the airport and fly to Maine" and know that there will be no snow to keep me from getting to the airport or to keep the plane from taking off.

Now, here I was, in Maine and a flight scheduled to get me back to Texas, and I was looking at all this white stuff coming down.

All morning we were seeing snow and seeing flights canceled. All but mine. It kept saying that it would be on time, but we were an hour from the airport and the snow was piling up!

I arrived safe and sound, thanks to my oldest son and his good driving and a heavy car. We were still sure it would be canceled, but they told us it was coming in and the flight was in the air on the way to Portland Jetport. I sent my son on his way back home in the daylight and had good faith that I would not be sleeping in an airport on the trip.

Plane arrived, we loaded and after two deicing and one ice prevention spray we were off. Since we left late I had to rush at the transfer in Cincinnati, but I made it to the waiting arms of my husband about 11 PM last night.

Ahhhhhhhhhh the warm weather, no snow and no winter coat!