Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Life

As we approach this new year and think of "resolutions" I have long ago decided not to make any. Like miserable failure they are gone and broken before the first week.

As I look back over the year I am pondering what and where I have changed. How is my walk with the Lord? Better than a year ago? Worse? What about my serving Him?

As I look to this new year, I am not setting resolutions, but rather some goals. I have not formulated them all in my head yet, but have the main idea. I need to sit down and put them on paper. I want to write, I want to do something to earn money at home, I want to lose weight. All want to do, but will I?

How about you? Lots of "want to's" but will they get done?

I am breaking mine into steps, maybe my steps will help you too.

  • Put down my major goals on paper. One piece of paper for each goal.
  • Now, break them down into the smaller goals. For instance, I want to lose 30 lbs. So I need to set a small goal of maybe 3 lbs in two weeks. So under my goal of weight, it will look something like this: 3 lbs in 2 weeks 6 lbs in a month 10 lbs by 6 weeks etc.
  • Do this for each goal.

I do not plan on setting very many, I will get discouraged. I am thinking of maybe 3 for the year, if I accomplish them early I can add new.

How about you? What are you going to do for this year? How will your life be different next New Year's Day? I know we can't plan all that will come our way for the new year. I think of how much unplanned has happened in the last year. We do not always have control. I am glad I know the ONE who does have control and that HE will get me through this year as He has in the past. How about you?

Why not have as one of your goals to draw closer to Him. He made you, has a purpose for you and wants to give you that abundant life in Him. Contact me if you have any questions on this Abundant Life.