Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some odd ways to save

It is Friday again and time for us to share our frugal ways through Biblical Womanhood.

This week I want to pass on a few simple things I do to save money.

First there is gas. The price of it is enough to make you want to forget about a car, yet we all need one. Besides the guides to tell you to keep tires inflated, drive slower etc, I have another way I save at the pump.
Check your area and see if you have any stations that use the National Payment Card way to pay. Here, there are some stations (they are few) where you can pay with your driver's license. You go online and sign up and then you are able to use your driver's license like a debit card. It saves .10 a gallon at our station.

Another trick I found I do has to do with the slow hot water at this time of year. It does not get that cold in Texas, but we do get cold. My water heater is far from the kitchen so hot water gets left in the pipes to get cold. Then, when you want a little hot water, you need to run it forever and then it gets cold again. Now, for small jobs, I use the microwave. We pay for our water and pay for the electricity to heat it, so if I only need a little it is only a few seconds in the microwave. One place I found I was really wasting the water was getting a warm wash cloth to wash the baby's face. Now I wet the wash cloth and throw it in the microwave for a few seconds and I have a warm wash cloth in seconds instead of minutes and there is no water and electricity waste.

The last one for today has to do with my cats. I realize I am not the most frugal person when it comes to feeding them, but maybe there are others like me. I give both dry and canned food to them. One cat is old and can't eat the dry well, so she needs the canned. I was buying the smaller cans (not the tiny cans, but the smaller ones) and then splitting it for two cats. Now I buy the Friskies large cans and pay less than the two a day of the others and get 3 meals or more for three cats out of a can. (Remember I mix with dry). It saves money and they are still fed and happy.

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Mom2fur said...

My cats won't eat anything but Purina One, so the best I can do with that is to buy it at the store that sells it the cheapest, use a coupon when I can...or have someone stronger from my house lift up the large economy size bag for me, LOL!
BTW, if you write to the Friskies people and tell them how much your cats like their product, I bet they'll send you lots of coupons!

Peggie said...

WOW, you sure are giving me the tips today, thank you!

Anonymous said...

You can also wet the dry cat food with a little water just like you'd do with kitten chow for a young kitten. I'm a firm believer in Senior cat food and Purina brand. It does make a difference in their health and appearance. My grandpa kitty got it for the last half of his life and lived to 18 years-old.