Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Duck, Duck, Goose

OK, all the places I have lived the kids have played duck, duck, goose. Not in Texas. When we were at my mom's 80Th birthday party last year the kids were all playing Duck, Duck, Goose. My husband was so fascinated at watching them play.

Our one granddaughter was so good at it, however she very cleverly was cheating. It was hard for people to tell, but you could see the was not sitting down all the way, but her long skirt was hiding her legs. My husband laughed hysterically and had to tell everyone about it when we got back to Texas.

Today I found out Duck, Duck, Goose IS played in Texas, but not by people. I took our 11 month old granddaughter to the park today. I also took a loaf of bread for her to feed the ducks. We were hardly out of the car when the geese started running up. We fed some of them and then walked down to the water to feed the ducks.

Ducks and geese were all over, the ducks pretty much stayed in the water and many of the geese were up on the land and being hand fed by us. I realized the ducks were not getting much so took Scout down by the water and we began to throw the bread in for the ducks. The ducks were quacking with delight but the geese on land were starting to yell.

OUCH! It hit me, right in my butt. One large goose was not happy with not getting the bread and decided to goose me!

So, there you have it. Duck, Duck GOOSE really gets played in Texas, by the ducks, ducks, goose!