Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home made Pizza

I don't know about you, but my kids always loved pizza. They are grown now, but my husband likes my pizza just as much as they did! I have "fancied it up" to serve guests as well. It can be cheap if made simple, or adjusted if you have more money to spend.

I have tried to get the recipe on paper, as I do not usually use recipes for amounts, I learned by using my hands and fingers to measure dry and eye ball the wet. So, here goes for writing it down

Cheap Pizza
Dough - I use my dough hooks on the mixer, but you can mix by hand

1 pkg or two TBSP of yeast
1 1/4 C of warm water
3 1/2 - 4 C flour (may use white, unbleached or whole wheat or a mixture
1/2 tsp salt

dissolve the yeast in the warm water (for quicker working use a little bit of sugar to feed the yeast)
add 2 1/2 C flour and beat
add salt and then slowly put int the rest of the flour till it pulls away from the bowl. Knead till elastic (with the mixer this is not long, by hand I think it would be about 10 minutes of kneading.

let rise in a greased bowl for about 35-45 minutes. (If your kitchen is warm it will take less time)

Roll out and put on pizza or cookie sheets.


can of tomato paste mixed with a little water. Add seasoning of your choice ( I use garlic powder, oregano, other Italian seasoning spread on top


For cheap pizza sprinkle cheese on the top

Bake at about 400 till done

More expensive but still not bad:

Add other toppings, pepperoni, onion, olives, ham etc. Leftover meats work well too

Vegetarian and more expensive:

For a really yummy pizza, but not so cheap cut up broccoli, tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, mushrooms and any other raw veggies you like . Top with several kinds of cheeses and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

OK, now I am hungry! For more great frugal ideas go to Biblical Womanhood.


Amy said...

Yummy! :)

Lori Madison said...


mmmm. I love pizza, I could eat it all the time. We just ordered pizza last night and it can be so expensive! Thank you for sharing this. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for visiting my friday feast.

Daniel & Teresa said...

Yumm...I love making homemade pizza! The ironic thing about living in the D.R. is that the veggies are so cheap- It's the meat and cheese that are the expensive part! We really had to rethink our frugal mindset when we moved here. The first time I started buying food I kept buying apples, since they're so cheap in the states. I then discovered how expensive they were (I can buy a few mangoes, or 1 apple).