Monday, November 5, 2007

My Grandfather

I would like you to meet my grandfather. Here he is with my grandmother at one of our gatherings. We always went to their house for the holidays.

Let me tell you a story that will give you an idea about how much he loved life and fun!

When I was a teenager we would go to their house after church. It was a fun time and many times included a "picnic" in their yard. My grandmother made the best pies, cakes and cookies. This one Sunday I never changed after church. We had to get to his house sooner than normal and did not go home first, so I went in my dress and heels. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2 was asking my grandmother if I could borrow a pair of her sneakers for the afternoon. She was wearing them and did not have another pair. So I grabbed my grandfathers garden ones to wear outside. He wears a 14, me a 5 1/2.

Mistake #3 was telling my dad I would go to the store for him. It was just down the corner from my grandparents, so I was walking.

Mistake #4? Taking a bet with my grandfather! He bet me a dollar (big money back then) that I would not go down there in his sneakers. I could not refuse. I went down, slipped in the door (did I tell you this place had a soda fountain and all the teens hung out there?). Well, I got in and tucked my feet in the little spot by the cash register and got what I needed. I went to pay, when the door to the store flew open and in walked my grandfather making a big ruckus. He told everyone I stole his shoes and took off out of his yard and he wanted them back! He pulled me out of my little spot where no one could see my feet and kept saying how I stole them! I paid and took off, but never forgot that day!

The rest of these are just pictures I wanted to share.

His favorite past time, besides the garden, was ocean fishing.

Christmas fun

He and my grandmother in younger years

His favorite dog Cuddles.

My grandfather died a few years ago at 103 yrs old. I miss him.
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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

I LOVE old photographs. My favorite is the one of him in the boat. It really shows his joy!