Thursday, October 25, 2007

10 Month old go getter

Yesterday was a long day. I babysit my 10 month old granddaughter and she is very active. She is also full of a sense of humor. I normally have a lot of fun with her, but yesterday I was not feeling well and wished she was having a quiet day. NO WAY!

She does not want to sit still long enough for a diaper change. She yells at you, fights you and wiggles away over and over. I finally said "I am going to change this diaper whether you like it or not" Her reply? "Not". I then grabbed her, pulled her towards me and said "give me that hiney" She laughed like anything and said "hiney". She then bent over, putting her head down by her feet and looking at me from between her legs, but her hiney was right in my face. She laughed, I laughed but tried wrestling her down to get the diaper on. All this while I was feeling sick and not wanting to move.

From there she went on the couch and tried to get the dog to get up on the couch. The dog is not allowed, but she was trying to get her up. I informed her that she was trouble. She told me "bubble [laugh laugh]" and tried harder to get the dog up! Mind you I am also laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

Down she went, off to find more trouble, dog food, dog water, potty, you name it and it is a game to her. How do these guys get so much more energy on a day when you are not feeling well?

Right now I am waiting for her arrival to start today. I still do not feel well, and I know she will be all energy and all go getter. I put on my bright orange shirt with a pig on it (from some place called Piggy's Ice Cream Parlor in Hendersonville, NC but found brand new at a Texas thrift shop). Maybe she will sit still for some time to play with the shirt.

She is here! No such luck on the being quieter today. Yesterday she dumped my thread drawer, today she went back for more. She has dumped her toys, riped a book, pulled stuff out of everywhere and it has been less than an hour since she arrived. All I want to do is curl up on the couch.

Here she is in one of her favorite past times, the dog water bowl! She now thinks she should put her head in anything with water and drink like a dog. I do mean anything! I have to watch the potty even closer now, after all there is a lot of water in there. (It does make it easier when we are out, she knows how to drink from a water fountain now though!)

However, like the old saying goes, the good thing about being a grandma is you can send them home at night... is it 5PM yet??


Jes said...

Hey, you should get a potty lock! they make things that keep the lid down so kids can't play in them. I think we'll be buying one soon.

Jes said...

my word verification was pepawt. Sounds like a name for a grandpa. Hey, can we call Rick that?