Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What you sow, you reap

We hear that saying from the Bible but I know it is true. It has proven itself like never before. Let me tell you how.

When I was a child I liked crickets. I protected them, moving them out of harm when I found one outside. If one was in the house making that cricket noise I thought it was great. If they came out of the corner and were in danger of being stepped on or eaten by the dog I was sure to catch it and free it to the outside.

Crickets eat mosquitoes, they sound good when you are camping and what harm could they do?

I had long forgotten those cricket rescuing days of old, until I moved to Texas. This year I was fully reminded of my cricket loving days and I know that what you sow is what you reap. We have crickets! Never in my life have I seen so many. I am sure that every cricket I rescued told all their children through the generations, millions of them!

My husband drops me off by the Walmart door, crunch, crunch, jump on my legs, my arm... EEK!!!!!! I scream and run into the store. More crickets in the entry! I shop, come out and the jumping, crunching and screaming start all over.

We clean the offices in a plant near here. Mind you people have been working all day, but there they are, crickets everywhere; in the sinks, in the offices, under the desks, down the hall. I open the closet to get my bucket and there are crickets in the mop, in the bucket, under the broom. Do you know how bad crickets stink when you vacuum them? Yuck!

Yes, I am reaping crickets for all of them I sowed when I was young.

While I am sure this is not what the verse means, and I am not being cursed with crickets because I saved them when I was young, it does make me think about the sowing and reaping. I wonder what things I am sowing in my life and what will I be reaping because of it? Love? Kindness? Anger? Self-centeredness? What we sow when we are young usually magnifies itself when we are old. A bitter old person was sowing that bitterness when they were younger. What will I be like when I get older?

What am I sowing? Is my money being used right? Am I helping others? Am I serving the Lord or myself?

I find myself pondering these questions tonight because of crickets. God uses some strange things to bring home His lessons.


Jes said...

How odd is it that you like Crickets and it's one of the few things I'm afraid of? I guess you didn't pass that gene down to me! I especially hate those camel back crickets, do you have those in Texas, or just regular crickets? Regular crickets aren't scary enough for me to scream and run away. But those camel back crickets.... ICK!

Peggie said...

not sure what a camel back is, but I no longer like any crickets. I am afraid of them now too!