Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Winter Sneaked Up

I went to bed Sunday night and it was still summer. Warm, but not too hot, sunny and nice. As usual I put the fan in the window before bed and went to sleep.

During the night the fan started acting up, the motor was running funny, making weird noises. I got up and shut the fan off since I was getting cold anyway. Stupid fan would not shut off! It kept running. I was so tired and getting colder and could not get this fan off soI went back to bed, pulled the covers up tighter and finally woke up enough to realize the wind was blowing so strong it was making my fan run harder than when it was on!

I got up, pulled the fan out of the window, closed the window and went back to bed. I could hear that wind just howling out there.

Morning came and I got up and realized it was also raining. It had been for some time and the dog bed (which is under the window) was soaked, as was the floor. Not only was it raining, the temperature dropped from 89 to 49! OH NO! Winter is coming!

Yesterday was busy and cold, I had to dig out my sweatshirt and long pants as the temp outside stayed low and it continued to rain. I do not like this winter stuff.

I moved to Texas from Maine when I married Rick. There is much about Texas that I do not like, but one thing I do is no real winter. Yes, it gets cool, and a few nights down right cold, but no snow for the most part. Now I have been here a few years and here I am complaining about it getting down to 49 for the first time this year. It was even colder this morning at 41. I actually had to turn the heat on to warm the house for when my granddaughter arrived.

Winter has sneaked up on me. Yes, I knew it was coming, but the nice 70's, 80's and occasional 90's have been here so long I was lulled into feeling it was never going to hit this year.

Having the mind I do, I began to wonder how many of us are doing the same about the Lord's return? Are we lulled into thinking it will never happen in our lifetime? He is coming in the clouds and those of us that are His will be leaving this earth? Am I looking for Him and ready? Are you?