Saturday, October 6, 2007

You can see me but not hear me...

I am tired! I have a love/hate relationship with computers and mine has put me through the test the last few days. If anyone has an answer let me know!

I have a baby granddaughter that lives in NC. I live in Texas. I want her to know her Grammie like the other grandchildren do and finally saved my pennies to buy a web cam. I have wanted one for a long time, even when the other's were babies, but could never get one. Finally I got one and it came with an ear phone and mic. Friday I installed the webcam and mic. My granddaughter could see me, but the mic will not work. Frustration!

Today we had to go to the hospital to see my step son and on the way back we stopped at several places to try to get advice on the mic. We even asked the Geek Squad at Best Buy! Everyone said plug it in, change the sound card device manager so it knows there is a mic and it will work. (we already tried this a dozen times). I came home, went through it all again, headset works, mic does not!

Here is it, 8PM, I have spent all day and have a messy house and still no mic. You can see me but not hear me, I guess for some that is the way they like it. UGH.

We did see our son and he is doing some better from the accident. He still needs prayer as he is going to be going through re constructive surgery this week. There is still much pain, but when they try to rebuild the arm he will be hurting even more.

So, now that I have had an unproductive day, and an unproductive blog, I will say goodnight. Unless I kill my computer I will try to have more to offer next time.