Monday, October 15, 2007

Jason is Coming Home!!

After two and a half weeks my step son Jason is returning home. He has had a long ordeal since the accident, but thanks to God and the way HE made our bodies, Jason is coming home intact.

Last Tuesday he went through a long surgery. The surgery was a long 12 hours while they removed muscle and skin from his left thigh to make a forearm, took skin from his right thigh to cover the left thigh and part of his arm and took a tendon from his upper arm to move down to the lower arm. Also, they needed a tendon to make his thumb work and found Jason was born with an extra tendon on the under part of his arm, where no damage occurred from the accident. They moved it around to the front part of the arm and he can move his thumb!

His pain has been and still is, bad. He will need round the clock care at home and Misty is going to leave her good job to care for him. Please pray for them as they are needing it; for healing as well as their finances. As of yet, there has been no proof the drunk that hit him has insurance.

But, Jason is coming home!!