Monday, October 1, 2007

Nationwide Is Not The Answer

Any of us with a TV have probably see those Nationwide commercials, Life Comes At You Fast. It does. Too fast. I am still reeling from this weekend. Friday night we were at the hospital all night, came home at 5 AM and got two hours sleep. We got up and my husband went to finish some work at the church while I tried to get some things together here at home. We then had to go help distribute the Angel Food Ministry food and then back to the hospital. The whole family feels like it has had little time to breathe.

I lay awake during the night last night unable to sleep. I was thinking about why I could not sleep when I was so tired. I thought maybe it was the diet Pepsi I drank at supper, or the schedule we were keeping right now, or concern about Jason, I did not know. As I lay there I began to think of "Life Comes At You Fast" and how true that statement really is.

When I think back to the last few weeks of our lives and now the next "who knows how many" with Jason that slogan says it all. I also know that Nationwide is not the answer. I am not sure how I would face all of this without the Lord on our side. Prayer is a wonderful thing. I have been given strength, peace and trust.

Twelve years ago when my first husband had his heart attack and lay in ICU for three weeks I began a journey with trusting the Lord. Over the next twelve years I learned that nothing on this earth is worth trusting, but my dependency for everything has to be in God. HE loved us enough to send Christ to die for us, He loves us enough to keep us. My natural 'mommy instinct' is to worry. Sometimes I start to, but then I need to remind myself that my dependency is on HIM and HE will do what is best. I need to trust and pray.

Is life coming at you fast? Nationwide is not the answer. Neither is worry, fret, anger, drinking or drugs. Christ is. Trust HIM. Christ died for you, in your place, and wants to be your Savior. Give your life to Him.

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When Life Comes At YOU Fast, the answer is Faith In Christ.