Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Today is Tackle it Tuesday and last week I was all set to have something spectacular to write about today. Well, I do not. What I have tackled this week is life. I have no pictures of before and after, but it has been a tackle.

A week ago Friday my 32 year old step son Jason was in a bad car accident. He is in a hospital about 65 miles away and we have been running up there as much as we can. I decided that this past Saturday was going to be my clean the computer room day and tackle that mess before going up to see Jason.

Friday we went to see Jason and I bought a webcam on the way home. I wanted to be able to let my baby grand daughter in NC see us so that she would know who we were since we see her so rarely. Supposed to be easy to install and the mic was just a "simple" plug in. I ended up on it all the rest of Friday. The webcam was not problem, the "simple mic plug in" was. I will not repeat it all but you can read about it here.

Saturday I got nothing done on the room, so now it is scheduled for this week. We went to see Jason and spent all afternoon. He did not want us to leave.

Life. Like the saying "best laid plans of mice and men" go awry, we have been facing it this week. As I write this Jason is in surgery to reconstruct his arm from his leg. We will be going to the hospital again and my plans for getting this room cleaned, the wall in the living room painted and the other bedroom straightened up will have to wait.

Sometimes we all have to tackle life and just let other things go.


peppylady said...

so sorry to here about your Step son Jason and I'll light a candle this evening and send some positive and loving energy your way.