Sunday, September 9, 2007

And they talk about women

Who is the last one out of the church? My husband.
Who is the one who talks to everyone in the store? My husband.
Who gets on the phone and yaps forever? Yup, you got it, my husband.

I have talked to other women and it is the same thing, they are always waiting for their husbands. Why do these men blame the women all the time?

Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband very much. I feel very blessed to have him. He is kind, loving, caring, puts me first most of the time and is there for me and encourages me in all I do. But some times men are just odd.

Take today for example. We came home this evening and he told me that he needed to bring in a computer from the van. Let me explain why there are these computers in the van... he put them there to get rid of them!!! He has a friend who has a computer repair shop and is teaching Rick to work on computers. All these computers are ones Rick has collected over the last two years to do something with "someday". I thought someday had come. I thought we were finally getting rid of some junk. I thought... but he is man. He had a computer blow up on him last week, the one he used most of the three he has on his desk. He has his laptop and then one he was using to learn linux on. He has set that one aside and was using the main one with windows. Now that he lost his windows (and I think his marbles!)he had to use linux. However, he has been wanting to get his A+ certification, which means he needs windows. This is what prompted the return of a junk computer. He realized if he spent all his time messing with the linux he would not learn what was needed for the certification, thus the announcement that he had to stop the linux and get a windows up and going.

Makes sense, right? Please tell me why then, he brought in two junk computers from the car and set them on the floor in the living room and he is sitting here at his desk playing with linux?

Men! Ya gotta love em!


Jes said...

HA HA HA. That is only so true. I am always waiting for Eugene to stop talking so we can leave. I have to admit I'm on the phone more though. Eugene doesn't have a bunch of junk computers, but he certainly has a bunch of junk. Over the years I've convinced him to get rid of some of it though.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Sounds like you two have the same taste in men!

I must have gotten one of the last quiet ones. Always waiting on me. Never on the phone. Never on the internet blogging and talking on IM, either.

However, he does have a tae kwon do outfit from his childhood that I only recently convinced him to give to our 11-year-old neighbor.

But he couldn't part with his brown belt.

See, brown is the last color before black. He was so proud of *almost* being a black belt, he couldn't get rid of that brown one. It's in our dresser drawer, along with all our other belts.