Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grandkids vs kids

I have been asked many questions about raising kids and now grand kids. For some reason since I had 5 kids and now have 15 grand kids people think I am a pro. There have been questions like:

  • Which were easier to raise, boys or girls? My answer? The right handed ones.
  • Are babies easier than teens? Babies can be picked up, locked up, hugged and kissed. Teens can change their own pants.
  • Are grand kids more fun than kids? The typical answer here is yes since you can spoil them and send them home. But I think they are more fun because you have had a break from the kids for a bit and then you are ready for the excitement.
So, what then is the difference between being a grammie and being a mommy? Mommies are younger, usually. They have more energy, usually, and they have that special mommy/child bond.

Mommies get to tell the grammie what the child is doing that the grammie is missing because of distance . Mommies get to get up in the middle of the night with the sick child, tell them bedtime stories, and get them the big yard toys they seem to want.

Then there is grammie. Grammie gets to hug and kiss them even when they are big and may not let mom or dad do it any more. Grammie gets to brag. I mean really brag! But there is something else that is better as a grammie too. Having raised the children we gave birth to we have seen it and been there. We do not panic as much when they fall down and bite there lip, or get their first cold. We know that they get heat rash, or diaper rash and will live through it... as well as their first cold! I am more relaxed with my grand kids. So what if they get a little dirty, you do not need to change their clothes right away. It is ok to let them eat with their fingers, put potatoes in their hair because they missed their mouth or drink from a glass you are drinking out of. There is all those years of experience behind you.

Right now I babysit one of my grand children. Her name is Scout, rightly named because she likes to scout out trouble. She is 9 months old and seems to already know how to find things to get into and push the fences. But I have fun. I show her pictures of Lexi and she laughs. She climbs up on everything, chases the dog and cat, looks for her PaPa to come home from work and cuddles and hugs. We play together, laugh together and walk together. And yes, I can send her home at the end of the day and get rested for the next one!

Scout, after a long hard morning of play.

The four girls born last year

Lexi, with her big, beautiful smile.

There are still 11 more at last count, but from these you can see why I am blessed and bragging!!


Jes said...

You should have put that picture of all the Lewis grandkids on here! although the ones I have didn't come out all that great it still shows all of the gang!