Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad Accident

Last night Jason, the father of Carlie, (read updates here and here also) was in a bad car accident. He was in his pickup with three other people when a man in a Jeep came at him head on. He swerved to avoid a head on and the man hit the back of his pickup rolling it totally around. Jason got out the back windshield, but was injured badly. He saw that the truck was on fire and there were still three people inside. A game warden at the scene helped Jason lay down and then got the others out just before the truck exploded. Three people, including Jason, were air lifted and two went by ambulance to the hospital.

Jason's arm had gone out the truck window and the truck rolled on it causing a lot of damage. The first prognoses was amputation, but the specialist at the hospital said it can be saved.

God was with Jason, The nerves were not severed, even though the flesh was torn off to the bone. He will need to undergo a number of surgeries and will be in the hospital for some time.

The man that hit them was drunk, running from the game warden. It appears he had no insurance.

We arrived home at 5 this morning and have a full day ahead with Angel Food distribution, some work and then to the hospital again. Please pray for all of us through this, but especially for Jason and Misty. This is a trying time for them. Pray Misty will not have any complications with her pregnancy with all the stress.

Thank you everyone.