Sunday, September 23, 2007

I didn't do it!

Moms, how many times have you heard those words? As a grandmother I hear kids and think back to when mine were young. So many times a memory will come of when mine were little. For some reason I have been thinking about all the "I didn't do it"s I have heard over the years. Some were so funny, like when you have one child and the silly putty is stuck in the carpet behind a chair and they are saying "I didn't do it". Who did? The fish? The cat? Daddy or mommy? Then there was the time my husband went to seminary and opened up a book to find a drawing on the page. You could tell it was supposed to be a person and something else next to it. When he returned home and asked the only child at we had at the time who did it he was told "I didn't do it" but he knew the drawing was supposed to be superman peeing by a bush.

Child two and three came 14 months apart. Paul loved Bethany and at 14 months would pull her out of the bassinet whenever I turned my back. He would lay her on the couch and I could not figure out how she was getting there. This time Erik (child #1) would say "I didn't do it " and mean it, but I could not believe that Paul was actually doing it, till I caught him!

Bethany crawled very early, and climbed right away. She was into everything. She followed Paul around like a puppy dog. Paul would then make it easy for Bethany to do things. One day I ran to the bathroom and when I came out Paul and Bethany were not playing in the bedroom. This was not good. I ran down the hall, not in the living room either. I then heard something that did not sound good, they were in the kitchen. I walked around the counter and there was Paul holding the refrigerator open and Bethany throwing everything out. I made my own yogurt, so there was a bowl with 2 qts. of yogurt spilled all over the floor. A dozen eggs dumped and smashed. Milk, leftover veggies — what a mess! (Lest you think I was in the bathroom long, I was not, those two were just that fast). I walked in, looked at the mess and there was two kids, one in the refrigerator full of food and the other holding the door and food on his feet. Paul looks up at me and in this sweet innocent voice says "I didn't do it". I was not sure if I should laugh or cry! He finally admitted he just opened the door, but she made the mess.

I am not sure why the I didn't do its were coming to my mind today, but it made me wonder how many times we blame others and tell God "I didn't do it"?

Have a good Sunday!