Monday, September 10, 2007

Thank You Elias Howe

Who, you ask, is Elias Howe? He is the inventor of the sewing machine. Personally I always thought it was Singer, but not so, it was Elias Howe.

I am not sure where I would be without my sewing machine. From about 12 years old on I began making my clothes, my sister's clothes, then kids clothes and now grand kid's and husband's clothes.

I have sewn curtains, pillows, aprons and toys. Dust ruffles, dolls, upholstery and baby blankets. When I was in my teens I hated to wear hand me downs, so I sewed. There was a Grants store not far from us and they had fabric for 25 cents a yard. I could sew a whole wardrobe for little money.

Something that has been lost in society today is family. The older generation teaching the younger. My mom used to sew and she and I would sit up late at night sewing. This was especially true before Easter. She made some of the dresses and I made some, after all there were 5 girls in the family plus her. Those late nights would be something memorable. As the hours went on we would get more and more tired and more and more silly... and make some crazy mistakes! Everything was something to laugh at, even though at a less tired moment, or if we were alone working on it we would have been crying. We had such a great time together, all over sewing machines!

I made my wedding dress. I saw one for 500 dollars, today that is not much for a wedding dress, but back in 1970 it was an awful lot. I looked at it, knew I could make it and I did. For about $25. All because of Elias Howe and his invention.

How I love to sew! Mr. Howe's patent for the sewing machine was granted for on this day in 1846. If it was not for Mr. Howe my sons and their dad would not have had those beautiful royal blue checked leisure suits to wear for Easter back in 1975!

Thank you Elias Howe!


Jes said...

I wish my mom would have taught me to sew. oh wait she did! I just didn't have as much of a passion for it. Now I wish I had watched her a lot more closely while she was sewing everything and reupholstering couches and chairs. That talent would come in handy.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Hey, I know. Jes, your mom can come here, and YOU can come here, and she'll teach us to sew like professionals. Sound good?

Now... to buy a sewing machine...

I've actually been interested in this concept for awhile - what do you recommend for a poor wife of a grad school student? I'd like one that lasts at least three years (that's when he graduates) but doesn't cost a fortune. Any ideas?

Jes said...

I like that idea.

Jes said...

oh mom, I need curtains for my kitchen, what type of curtains do you recommend? I have a sewing machine now!

Peggie said...

Beth and Jessica,
I would love to teach you both! However, I am the wife of a poor church mouse so I would not be able to come there either.

About sewing machines: I like my singer. A used one should not cost much, and they do make cheaper models that should last that long.

Jessica, you have a lot of windows in your kitchen, don't you?
Love you both!