Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Important Is Your Food?

As you can see I have not started my face lift, not online anyway. I have been searching and experimenting, but nothing so far. However, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what we feed ourselves, how often and why.

That may seem like a silly thing to be thinking about, but humor me and think about it for a few minutes. What do you eat? How often do you eat? Why do you eat? Some of us eat very balanced because we know it is good for us. If we really do not like something, but we know we need it, we eat it anyway.

Some just eat what they like, picking and choosing and some feed themselves with only junk.

Some of us eat 3 official meals, but nibble all day. Some people skip meals even though it has been proven that it is not good for you, especially skipping breakfast. (Yet somehow that is the most common meal that is skipped).

Some people eat because they eat on a schedule, some because they are hungry.

Some people eat for comfort, some because of anxiety, some out of boredom.

There are some who have eating disorders that do not eat much or binge and purge.

We all eat.

Our bodies need the food for physical well being as well as emotional health and clear thinking. I get sick if I do not eat. I shake, get a headache feel dizzy. I am diabetic and need to eat at times just because my sugar has dropped and I do not feel good.

I have been comparing physical food to our Spiritual food. This week I heard two teachings on the Word. On Monday nights my husband and I go to a Bible study. It is a verse by verse, through the books of the Bible. We are in 2 Peter right now. I love it. It is the way Pastor's used to preach. My first husband preached that way and since his death I have found few pastors that do that any more. Last night he was talking about the Word of God and the importance of knowing what it says and feeding on it.

I thought back to Sunday at the church my husband works at and we attend. The pastor's sermon was on the importance of studying the Bible. He said people have gotten away from it and no longer spend time reading God's word. It made me wonder. Why is God's word not important any more? Why do people come home from church and, if they brought their Bible, they set it down and let it collect dust all week till the next Sunday? Why do people think we do not need Spiritual food? Why do we crave physical food and ignore Spiritual food? Why will people read books about the Bible and not read the Bible? Why is there so much deception in churches today, people following false teachings and have no idea how to be discerning?

Scripture says to study, to be discerning, to watch for false teachers, to live by what the Bible says and yet many people in churches today have no idea except what the pastor says. In Acts it says the Berean church was more honorable(Acts 17:11) because they went home from church and searched the Scriptures daily to see if what was preached to them was right.

As I have been thinking about the whys mentioned I thought about the churches I have been in since the death of my husband. Wonderful men as pastors, seemed to love the Lord, but most preach about the Bible, not preach the Word. Some churches you do not even need your Bible. Pastors "preach" on things and pull a verse here or there to "prove" a point. I have sat through sermons where verses were used out of context (grave error in interpretation and meaning). I have sat through sermons where the book preached was If You Want To Walk on Water You Need To Get Out of The Boat. Good book, but not the Bible. If today's pastors think that the Bible is not important enough to give their congregations good solid, verse by verse, through the Bible teaching, then how can they expect their followers to see the importance of Scriptures?

Now before you say, like the kids in a previous post, "I didn't do it" "not my fault"," it is his" etc. rest assured we are each going to be accountable for not following God's Word. Even if our pastors do not preach it, we need to follow and "study to show ourselves approved... to accurately handle the Word of God" (2 Tim. 2:15).

Now, go back and ask yourself the questions above. This time think of your Spiritual food. I will post a part 2 of this with some links, help suggestions, and rules for interpretation in the next day or two. Now, go have a meal of your Spiritual food. Unlike physical food, we can never get too much of the Word.


Jes said...

Good point mommy! Sometimes I go through the day and realize I haven't read the Bible at all. Often I wonder how I even made it through the day... I've noticed something. Much like you when I get hungry I get MEAN. Well, come the end of the day if I haven't read my Bible, guess what? I'm Mean. yup MEAN.
I was really irritated when we first moved here we started looking for churches. We attended one for a couple weeks but there were a few "little" things that bothered me. You want to know what the thing that bothered me the most was? No one brought their Bibles. nope. NO ONE. They put the scripture that was being used up on the screen, and sometimes had it on pages in the bulletin. Maybe I just have trust issues, but I don't care if I had been going to that church since I was little, I wouldn't be trusting the pastor that that is what those verses actually say.
We need our Bibles just as bad as we need food. if not worse!