Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quit Procrastinating

As you know from last weeks post I am trying to get more organized. It is really hard with a baby around as she seems to think it is more fun to disorganize right behind me.

I want you to know my desk is still quite clear after several weeks now. I even made a big headway on my computer desk and found there is a desk under all that mess.

My living room is staying neat, even with the baby and so is the dining room (except for my husband's non working computer setting there.) I have been keeping up with the dishes, but tonight there is a sink full, I will get them in the dishwasher before bed.

I did make two great accomplishments that work for me. My bed and hangers.

My motto has been "why make the bed, you are only going to get back in it, just shut the door and no one knows". Well, since the desk is in my room and it is cleaned off, my dresser is cleaned off and the room is looking pretty good (except for my husbands piles which he "will take care of really soon") I decided to start making my bed. Everyday. What I find works for me, and the only thing that does, is to make the bed when I get up. My husband is usually in the shower and I get it made right away. Neither of us will crawl back in that way and it is done and stays made. I am amazed at how much nicer the room looks with the bed made and it only takes a few minutes of my time as I am getting up.

The next thing I did to organize is actually something my husband has been doing and I am just getting into it. When the dryer is going and I know it is about done I go to the closet to find empty hangers so I will not have to iron. His side of the closet has the empty hangers all at the front of his pole as you open the door. he takes his shirts off and hangs the empty hangers right there. Me, I leave them in the line of clothes where I pulled the shirt, pants, whatever off the hanger. When it came time for the laundry I would be able to grab his quick, but then mine was a hunt. His hangers are big, he is an extra large shouldered man and we have hangers that are good for his shirts. They are too big for mine, so I needed to dig. I finally realized how smart he was and started putting my hangers with his so now all I need to do is open the closet and grab a big stack of hangers and put them by the dryer right after I start the load! Do you know how much time that saves and how easy it is to do?

I am finding more and more that what works for me is to do it right away, then it gets done. After being a procrastinator for so long this is like teaching an old dog new tricks, but I am finding it can be done.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Anything is better than ironing! I think I'll start doing this too. :)

Kara said...

I've started making my bed every morning too, I used to be the same as you "Why make it if you are just going to get back in?" lol, but it really does make the room look so much cleaner.

Good tip with the hangers, most of our clothes we hang up so it would be much easier to do it as they come out of the dryer, but it's my husbands hangers I have to dig for through his clothes lol.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

I need to start getting the children's hangers out of their rooms before they go to sleep!

We don't have a dryer, so we hang our clothes to dry. But, inevitably, I procrastinate, and don't get around to it until naptime. But then I can't go into Olivia's bedroom while she's asleep. So the clothes sit, damp, on the back of the couch all day. I hang them up after dinner and hope the smell goes away...

Mrs. Brownstone said...

Oh! I love the hanger idea!

Thanks for sharing these great tips!