Saturday, September 8, 2007

You think your desk is messy... well let me tell you..

Beth tags Jessica, Jessica tags me and gets me started (finally) on my blog. So now I am supposed to tell you what is on my desk. First thing I need to say is "What desk?". I know there has to be one here somewhere. See, Jessica got her paper collecting from me, sorry kid. I think I can only list 5 things, five things will not get me to the desk. OK, let's see:
1. The cat. She likes to sit under my nose, on the mouse (yeah really!)
2. A cookbook. Been here for some time, I guess I was sending someone a recipe for something.
3. A cake decorating tube. The dog found it and dropped it on the floor by the desk, so I picked it up and here it sits.
4. An Indian. Yes, an Indian. Years ago kids played cowboys and Indians with these little plastic cowboys, Indians and horses. Somehow one ended up on my desk. I think I found it in a box I was taking care of and never got it with the horse. Why do I have it you ask? Well, I got some things from when my grandparents were selling there house and this was stuck in one of the tins.
5. A Cassette from when Karra was young and went around singing all the time. It is really cute to hear her going through the hymn book and singing. If she did not know the tune she made one up and sang away. I recorded it and was going to try to put it on a CD, so here it sets... still.

OK, dear daughter, how did I do? I have no idea who has a blog to tag, soooo if you are reading this, you are it!


Jes said...

You did VERY well my dear mother! I'm so proud I taught YOU something! I'll get some people looking at your blog, I'll link it to mine in all my posts he he.
by the way, your desk is very messy.

Jes said...

your next lesson will be on putting a counter on your blog

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

You don't need a counter, you've got a whole TWO people reading your blog. Isn't that enough for life-fulfillment?

I liked your Messy Desk Meme! Especially the fact that your desk actually harbors a live animal. You win!