Monday, September 24, 2007

Face Lift Attempt Coming

I did not sleep last night, I had too much on my mind. I want to change my blog page to look a bit more appealing and not so plain. Since I am fairly new to blogs (not to web design though) I have been trying to find a ready made one that is me, fits my title and that I can change the font etc to look as I want it. No luck. I was awake thinking about this during the night and got up and hunted the web some more. I have ideas for design, but being a bit chicken I have been reluctant to strike out and try it myself. During the night I decided to maybe give it a try. I could not find an image.


With all the bloggers out there why can't I find someone who has a 3-column template that I like and can use? Seems like there just has to be one. So, I am going to try and step out on my own and see what happens. If, over the next week or so, you see my blog looking different, weird or strange, rest assured it is me just trying to make changes. Anyone have a picture of a 1979 dodge van, red, that rolled over and sets lopsided? Hmmm, maybe I am being a bit difficult.


Jes said...

How's the face lift attempt going? Do you have a Works for me Wednesday post written? I can't even think of one. Maybe how eating a 1lbs bag of peanut M&M's works for me? or how Eugene was just the right caller in to a radio station and won a CD and a xbox 360 game (Halo 3- just came out!) and we don't even have an Xbox 360. I guess that means we just made $50 cuz we will have to sell it. HE HE. that Works for me!!!