Thursday, September 20, 2007

OOPS — I saved some money

We all like to save money and try to get the bargains, or make things stretch. This week I have been looking at a few things that I do to help out the budget. First, our HEB food store marks down meats in the early morning. If you get there really early you can usually get a good choice for little money. Some days are better than others. I have bought enough meat, including shrimp, for 2 weeks and spent $14. I also look for other mark downs. I bought a big bag of bananas for 1.99 yesterday. They are over ripe, perfect for banana bread. I am now baking all the banana bread up and will freeze most of it for a later time.

My husband makes our soap. When the bars get too small for the shower he throws them in his shaving cup and uses them to shave with by damping them before his shower and then using his shaving brush lathers it up and he has shaving cream!

Another savings place is Home Depot or Lowes. I have been wanting to do some painting and when my husband went there today to get something from work I wandered over to the paint section. Both stores sell OOPS paint, usually Home Depot is cheaper. I bought 2 gal cans of Glidden paint for $10 ($5 each) and 2 quarts for $1 each. You need to be flexible with the color, but we have bought a 5 gallon bucket for $15 in the past. If a color is too dark you can mix it with a lighter that will go (white or off white for example) and paint away!!

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Stephanie said...

That was a great deal on meat! I also shop for the marked down meat. Thanks for the great ideas!

thediaperdiaries said...

Great idea on paint. We are getting ready to do a couple of rooms so I might have to check that out.