Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is Carlie. Carlie joined our family when she was born last November and is such a joy to all of us. Misty and Jason had been trying to have children for about 9 years and went through all tests, surgeries etc in an attempt to have a baby. Things did not look good and they started looking into adoption. Babies are hard to come by because of abortion, and their chances of getting one were slim.

While seeking out options a friend told them about someone they knew who had a 13 year old daughter that was pregnant. The young girls mother was trying to convince her to have an abortion, while others were telling her not to, the pressures on this girl were tremendous. Carlie's parent's friend contacted the 13 year old and soon arrangements were made, and an abortion was prevented. Misty, Carlie's mom by adoption, met the 13 year old, and there was a bond there that set the stage for this little girl to have a home. Carlie's adoption will become final today. At 8:15 this morning we will all be in court for the final papers to be signed by the judge.

I look at Carlie and see the blessing and miracle that she is and think of all the other Carlie's that could have been if it were not for abortion. People today are so selfish, and there is so much money in abortion that babies are being killed all over the world. Our country has bit off the idea that these children, the unborn children, are not people, not alive, feel no pain and can just be disposed of at our convenience. Carlie is 6 months old in this picture. Look at her. Really look at her. Her eyes, her smile, she was set to be a statistic, considered not to be a real person. Here she is, happy, a joy to all and with parents that love her. All this because one 13 year old child did the right thing, not the convenient thing, and allowed her to be born and adopted.

I believe in adoption and I believe abortion is murder. We have a lot of people in our world who will need to face their Creator some day for going with convenience and murder and not with the right thing.

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Joanna said...

I love the idea of preventing abortion by providing better options, like the story you described here. My sister had a friend in high school who was that pregnant 14- or 15-year-old, and she too chose adoption, and a family in her church provided a loving home. There are so many homes out there! If only adoption was presented as an easier option for parties on both sides!

Lisa said...

I'm concerned that you might be oversimplifying the issue here.

It would be great if every abortion could be prevented by making adoption easier. But I don't think it's really the solution.

There's a big difference between aborting a baby in the early weeks and carrying it to term & giving it up. That difference is called pregnancy.

Telling an emotionally charged person that they can just give the baby up for adoption to a loving family doesn't save that person's having to be pregnant & give birth. Abortion DOES give them that option, and I think that's why so many sadly choose it.

I gained a lot of compassion for those who choose abortion while I was pregnant. It was definitely a wanted pregnancy and I was surrounded with loving family and friends, but it was EXTREMELY difficult even with that support.

I know not all pregnancies are that difficult, but when you're 14, the emotional & lack of maturity issues have to be at least as daunting as the physical aspects.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

You're right. It must be horribly daunting to be so young and be pregnant. I've been pregnant twice, and have been blessed with wonderful pregnancies. But I've been around enough women who suffer from the pains and sicknesses of pregnancy that I can understand where you're coming from.

But I believe that life begins at conception. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it begins at some other time. But I would not want to be held responsible for killing my unborn child because I assuming incorrectly.

Based on that belief, I have to say that abortion is wrong, no matter when it occurs, and no matter how old the mother is, and no matter how that mother became pregnant. As sad as it is that in this world, there is such a scenario as a 13 year old rape victim dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. They have the horror of reliving that experience on top of all the symptoms of pregnancy. However we must remember, above all else, that it is not the baby's fault.

Peggie said...

As Beth said, it is not the baby's fault. According to the Bible life begins at conception. This means it is murder to kill an unborn as much as it is to kill a newborn. When someone gets pregnant no matter how inconvenient, or awful it seems to them, it is murder to get rid of the baby. This only compounds the emotional consequences. Most teen pregnancies are because they became emotionally charged, did not think of consequences. People today are promiscuous, think that sex outside of marriage is fine and then when the consequences hit want to cover up and get rid of them and not care about the unborn child. They care about their pain, not the pain they are inflicting on this child.

If a 13 year old can handle the emotions of having sex, they can handle the emotions of a pregnancy and results of their actions.